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 Post subject: [Xenon Saga] The Assault of Neo-Exidus
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Going to list all of of the levels in the Neo-Exidus series here. There's no in-depth story (as of yet) or anything, but I will post it in here if I ever decide to flesh it out.

Basically the Neo-Exidus is the name of the Xenon army. The Xenon are a race of fierce warriors resting in the desolate corner of the galaxy, the Xenon Sector, ravaged with meteors and solar radiation from its three suns. They amass a mighty space army and rage war on the Galactic Alliance. The Neo-Exidus army threaten to destroy the galaxy in response to the Alliance fighting back with their new superweapon, the Impregnable Space Fortress N.E.X.U.S. You are a general of an Alliance unit, your fellow pilots wiped out by a Neo-Exidus attack from their Mobile Base Razer. In your small ship, you fight back against the hypermassive warships of the Neo-Exidus army, seeking to destroy the N.E.X.U.S. and the entire Xenon race.

Armored Space Destroyer
After making your way through the first line of defense, you make it to the flagship of the Xenon Sector's Outer Defense Fleet, the Armored Space Destroyer. Its impenetrable armored carapace lies between you and the Xenon Sector.

Neo-Exidus Mobile Base Razer
Upon defeating [currently undesigned] and entering the Neo-Exidus base, you discover the very thing that took out your unit, the Neo-Exidus Mobile Base Razer. While you have a clear shot at the generator powering all of the weapons on this half of the Xenon Sector, you cannot overcome the rage building within you and you turn to destroy the Razer. While initially dormant, the second one of your shots hit it, it automatically engages, setting its sights on you.

The Grand Ark
The Neo-Exidus flagship. The most powerful ship in the Neo-Exidus fleet and piloted by the High Commander himself. The last hurdle standing between you and the N.E.X.U.S.

Impregnable Space Fortress N.E.X.U.S.
After defeating the Grand Ark, you make your way to the center of the Xenon Sector. The Neo-Exidus Xenon Ultimate Superweapon is a gigantic space fortress capable of taking out entire plants. The Neo-Exidus army planned to use it to take over the galaxy, but it hasn't been completed yet. You plan to destroy it before they get a chance to, but just as you get there, it seems the High Commander is still alive. And he plans to use the N.E.X.U.S. itself to take you out.

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