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 Post subject: Zetaflow dream
PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:23 pm 
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So I usually dream about things I spend a lot of time on and I just happened to dream about an update in Zeta Flow today.

The update came straight out of nowhere and everyone got pretty hyped about it and the life in Zeta Flow had sparked a little yet again.

There was an option to change the color of the bullets, see previews of a level before you actually play it, an enhanced level editor with magnet snap on features, layers (where you could create two creations and change between each layer with a simple command, or even add two layers together) and all that good stuff. There was a few more commands such as one that detects when you a shot a part, etc.

The game had been optimized and fixed so well that you could create almost whatever you wanted and the game would run fine, and all commands like setHP, setWidth and Height had been fixed (if you rotate a part and do setWidth/height to 0 it would still be visible, In the editor, I have to rotate the part after it's width or height has been changed. SetHP had been fixed so that it would ignore the child-parts added to a part with different HP. It seems to me that a part with child parts added to it also adds the setHP to the health they provide so the part quickly gains a lot of health, and you would be able to see every part's HP with the advanced view mode.)

The graphics, oh man the graphics. There was particle effects, physics, cool background and even options for the graphics in the editor where you could turn them on, off, or just put some other graphics up. The game looked stunning!

It was pretty sweet until the crushing truth came; ads, ads all over the place. Even though I have adblock there would still be plenty of popups and banners and all of that. I literally got scared of the game dying because of ads and then I woke up.

I should probably stop playing Zeta Flow 24/7 :lol:


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