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Created by: ryo


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64.4444 4 527 79 0 1 21:55  2009-06-06

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lingading00:01:21lingading0 / 4
azathoth_core00:01:24azathoth_core0 / 4
swartzer00:01:40Zeke0 / 4
MD00:01:51swartzer1 / 4
Zeke00:01:52MD2 / 4

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16:11  2009-06-07

You can usually count on Ryo for good levels, and this one doesn't disappoint. There's no sweet spot, so you have to keep moving, and there are enough threats that you can't relax, yet you can still whittle it away a bit at a time and get a good feeling of progress. Plus the visual design is pretty cool.

I recommend the whole P series by Ryo.

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