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Created by: ipwnyouu


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42.6923 0 161 62 0 1 07:59  2009-06-07

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lingading00:00:38swartzer0 / 0
azathoth_core00:00:45lingading0 / 0
Zeke00:00:47azathoth_core0 / 0
swartzer00:00:52hugooo0 / 0
hugooo00:01:04Zeke0 / 0

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13:58  2009-06-07

Congratulations on your first level. Though this isn't really saying much, it is better than a lot of the other first levels out there. Not much challenge, but it's got decent visual design.

Let's hope your choice of name doesn't mean you're one of those designers who wants to make impossible levels rather than playable ones. Playable levels are always better, though they take more work to design well.

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