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Shadow Station



Created by: MD


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
58.5 4 407 29 2 6 17:42  2009-06-17

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sasadad00:00:55lingading0 / 4
MD00:01:11swartzer0 / 4
lingading00:02:00MD1 / 4
NARF00:02:23NARF1 / 4
idageek00:02:32sasadad2 / 4
azathoth_core00:02:33azathoth_core3 / 4
swartzer00:03:07Madson4 / 4
Madson00:03:31secret4 / 4
secret00:04:03idageek4 / 4

Comments (6)


00:28  2009-07-02

Yeah, good design is hard, that's why I haven't made a level in such a long time. I think this one is good for advanced players, but probably too hard for most unless they are willing to try multiple times.


16:37  2009-06-22

I like this level.


21:02  2009-06-20

Cool level MD! It's pretty challenging, but I don't think it's frustrating. I think its pretty well balanced, but it is kind of hard to find what you have to destroy the first time you play it. Takes a while to find the weaknesses, which I found fun.


13:04  2009-06-20

I really think it deserves at least three stars. The idea is good, but could you choose a different color? I know the white is may be intentional, but I think it would be better if people could really know what they were hitting wasn't invincible? At least making the weakpoints slightly darker gray would work too.


21:21  2009-06-18

i find it a bit difficult, maybe making the weak spots a bit more open?


12:23  2009-06-18

I'm thinking i made this one a bit too difficult/frustrating. Getting that perfect balance between manageable and challenging is pretty hard

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