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Wake the beast



Created by: SDmaniac


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62.8571 132 100 0 4 21:49  2009-06-18

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lingading00:00:42lingading0 / ∞
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SDmaniac00:00:58hugooo1 / ∞
hugooo00:01:00SDmaniac1 / ∞
idageek00:01:09idageek1 / ∞
MD00:01:23MD3 / ∞

Comments (4)


22:24  2009-07-02

This is pretty good, though I agree the beast should be stronger, or faster, or something. Maybe add some rotating arms that start in a folded-up position and then start moving when the beast is set free? That way you could fit a bigger beast inside the same size of dome without being cramped.

However, please don't change this level directly, because that messes up the statistics. I suggest opening it in the editor and saving under a different name. There's no rule about this, though; I'd just rather not see the stats and comments already left become meaningless.


22:04  2009-06-22

Yeah, I was thinking the beast should be stronger. But it felt too cramped inside that dome, so I ended it there.

I also wanted it to be quiet until all circles were destroyed.
Making it faster might work. I'll look into that at some point.


12:17  2009-06-22

Wow, that's pretty cool. I love the choice of colors. Perhaps the actual "Beast" should be stronger.


12:56  2009-06-19

if your open for suggestions, here are some for you, how about:
-defending the switches(circles to awaken "the Beast")
-make the Beast move a bit faster
just suggestions

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