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Created by: asdasdg


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20 20 101 3 0 1 14:00  2009-06-23

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lingading00:02:23lingading1 / 20
asdasdg00:02:45asdasdg9 / 20
crusher00:04:30crusher15 / 20

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15:54  2009-06-28

The aliens have managed to capture a cloaking device from the wreckage of one of our ships.
They are transporting it to a reaserch station onbord the heavily armed frieghter TIBERIUS.
The TIBERIUS is escorted by a convoy of heavily armed warships. Your tactics are required for this crucial mission.
The aliens must not be alowed to get their hands on our cloaking technology. If they do, it could mean the end for our undetected raiding ships.

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