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Achilles Heel



Created by: unknown457


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61.3636 645 130 0 1 20:24  2007-08-25

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azathoth_core00:01:01azathoth_core2 / ∞
mot00:01:39mot4 / ∞
swartzer00:01:41swartzer5 / ∞
lingading00:01:43lingading6 / ∞
code194900:02:03code19497 / ∞
curt00:02:29Madson11 / ∞
Madson00:02:40curt16 / ∞

Comments (1)


00:34  2009-05-22

This level could have been very good, but it's badly flawed. It would have been better if each trigger destroyed a few weapons, or made a small part of the ship destructible. (OK, switching parts from indestructible to destructible wasn't possible when this level was made, but it is now, so modern designers take note.)

Instead, you have to destroy the entire succession of triggers without the level getting any easier, and then suddenly all the weapons go away when the last trigger is blown. There should be at least some weapons at the end, so it's not a boring minute of pouring bullets at the partially exposed, defenseless core.

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