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Minimalism: Angry Lobster



Created by: Fruktfisk


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55.2632 10 310 45 1 3 07:16  2009-06-24

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lingading00:01:02lingading0 / 10
NARF00:01:14NARF3 / 10
sasadad00:01:21azathoth_core4 / 10
Fruktfisk00:01:48sasadad4 / 10
curt00:01:54Fruktfisk6 / 10
azathoth_core00:01:58swartzer6 / 10
swartzer00:02:09curt7 / 10
Madson00:02:28Madson8 / 10
Sydepil00:03:00Sydepil10 / 10

Comments (3)


13:04  2009-07-12

NARNFRA/NARF came up with a better story, I'm posting it here:


The lobsters have invaded. We had always thought they were mere food, little did we know of the nuclear missile base they were building under San Francisco. Not until the purging.

Simultaneous nuclear strikes hit every major city on the planet, reducing them almost to rubble. Those who were left turned on TVs, Internet, and radios just to find what was left. They found the lobsters claiming dominance over the world.

Now you can change that.

The lobsters have built a giant lobster weapon. It is estimated that this weapon can destroy all of North America if the lobsters ever got bored. Your mission is to fly the prototype X-31 Ninja Fish MSX7 into the core of the space station they are building it in and destroy it.

Analysis tells us that the tail is the weak point. Use this information well.

God save us if crabs are sapient too.


17:43  2009-06-24

Looks kind of robotic to be a real lobster, but it was a fun level!


15:10  2009-06-24

One day you were trying to cook a living lobster, but the lobster got angry and pinched your finger! So you take your tiny Zetaflow spaceship and try to shoot the lobster until it starts cooking again! O.o

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