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Created by: raz3124


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
27.8125 145 40 0 3 22:20  2009-06-29

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swartzer00:05:30testuser0 / ∞
azathoth_core00:05:39swartzer0 / ∞
curt00:05:50lingading0 / ∞
lingading00:05:51BraggingRights1 / ∞
Zeke00:06:10azathoth_core1 / ∞
BraggingRights00:06:55Zeke4 / ∞
Sydepil00:07:09Sydepil5 / ∞
testuser00:07:12Fruktfisk13 / ∞
Fruktfisk00:07:47curt18 / ∞
Jettix00:08:18hugooo21 / ∞

Comments (3)


18:10  2010-08-30

Whoa! Glad i spotted THAT comment and deleted it.....
Just a reminder to everyone else.... if you see someting you think is innapropriate, please click the triangle with the exclemation mark in it and then click submit. it then allows us to spot things faster so we can take action if neccecary.



22:47  2009-07-02

Wow, that took frakkin' forever! And, yes, annoying. I'm starting to hate these jittery levels where you can only hit with like one bullet in ten. It makes it worse when you have to keep pounding on the thing for so long.

I did like the visual design, though. Don't get discouraged, and keep making levels.


11:08  2009-06-30


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