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Created by: asdasdg


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55.4545 0 477 20 1 1 20:02  2009-08-05

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swartzer00:01:46asdasdg0 / 0
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asdasdg00:01:52crusher0 / 0

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13:41  2009-08-08

Unfortunetly, the cloaking device was not destroyed.
The information we recived was false. The aliens were attempting to locate our operatives in their ranks. Unfortunetly, they succeded in locating one. We recived word that one of our most trustworthy spies was arrested on grounds of treason. We fear that he is already dead.
However, we also recived word of the exact location of the real cloaking device. It is currently at an alien station that has significant defences.
Unfortunetly, we only have one ship that can afford to go on the assault to the station. The Prometheus.
Your mission is clear: destroy the station and the ship. Our opperative on the station will destroy the shield generator so you can attack it. Once the shield generator is destroyed, our opperative will use a transporter to get onto your ship.
Be carefull in your manuvering. The station has several point blank defences.

Good luck Captin.
Command out.

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