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Zombie Crow



Created by: The Jackster


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
60 15 122 33 0 4 15:03  2009-08-27

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Username Best Lives


lingading00:01:48swartzer0 / 15
swartzer00:02:04azathoth_core0 / 15
azathoth_core00:02:07lingading0 / 15
Zeke00:02:37crusher0 / 15
crusher00:03:01Zeke0 / 15
The Jackster00:03:42The Jackster13 / 15

Comments (4)

The Jackster

10:37  2009-09-16

And to be honest i think i did quite well on this level

The Jackster

10:34  2009-09-16

Now that is something i can agree on Swartzer!


19:47  2009-09-15

Maybe this level was changed since you saw it, raz, but I'm not sure what you're talking about.


18:58  2009-09-15

Heres A Hint. To Make Good Levels Dont Try To Make Copys Of A Part And To Set RandomWayPoints That Moves The Core To Enable It You See That Comma Delete It To Make The Core Move Making It Faster Put Numbers With A Comma 0 To 10 If 11 Or Above Itll Make The Core Messed Up With Moving.

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