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Low Armor Powerful Attacks Crystal


Created by: raz3124


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25 69 31 0 2 16:32  2009-10-16

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lingading00:01:07swartzer0 / ∞
azathoth_core00:01:08Sydepil0 / ∞
Sydepil00:01:15lingading0 / ∞
The Jackster00:01:19crusher0 / ∞
crusher00:01:26Zeke1 / ∞
Zeke00:02:00The Jackster1 / ∞
swartzer00:02:12azathoth_core1 / ∞

Comments (2)


23:34  2009-10-19

I'm with Zeke - this was a pretty good level until the very end. I suggest having the destruction of the innermost diamond trigger the destruction of the core, or perhaps trigger the movement of a larger core from offscreen... anything but forcing us to chase yet another jittering microcore. At least it didn't have a twinrapid gun, you get points for avoiding that.


11:31  2009-10-17

Chasing around small cores at the end has ruined more otherwise decent levels than any other design factor. I mean that as a constructive comment raz. I'm willing to bet you would have gotten a higher rating if it wasn't for that.

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