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Close, but not too close!


Created by: wallacoloo


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60.7692 189 84 2 4 14:53  2009-10-24

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crusher00:00:45swartzer0 / ∞
lingading00:00:46crusher0 / ∞
wallacoloo00:00:47lingading0 / ∞
swartzer00:00:48Zeke0 / ∞
azathoth_core00:00:51azathoth_core0 / ∞
Zeke00:00:51wallacoloo1 / ∞
hugooo00:00:59hugooo3 / ∞
Kania00:01:05Dieefn5 / ∞
Dieefn00:01:29Kania5 / ∞

Comments (4)


21:26  2009-10-26

Yeah, it's definitely toned down now.


08:57  2009-10-26

The accelerated rate of fire was actually an accident. I thought that if I wanted to have the core shoot every so often, I had to use a repeating trigger that told the core to shoot.


00:02  2009-10-26

The "close but not too close" part of the design was well done. I think the accelerating rate of fire from the core should be toned down, though.


21:03  2009-10-24

I'm going to leave the rating to other players. These accelerating core levels have been done before, and personally, I don't see anything particularly creative about them. I think it detracts from the levels design. If you've seen one, you've seen them all. That's my (hopefully) constructive criticism.

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