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Superior Tenctacle Beaten Now The Superior Kraken!



Created by: raz3124


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30.8333 5 105 10 0

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azathoth_core00:02:32azathoth_core0 / 5
videocrazy00:02:55lingading0 / 5
swartzer00:02:58crusher0 / 5
lingading00:02:58Zeke4 / 5
Zeke00:03:25swartzer5 / 5
crusher00:03:56videocrazy5 / 5

Comments (1)


19:24  2009-11-11

Battles of attrition such as this are NOT fun. It kept going on and on and on, and nothing I did seemed to faze it. I was starting to wonder if the previous wins were because of a glitch or something, when I beat it.

Show signs of progress, or at least mix things up.

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