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Created by: asdasdg


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48.5714 10 102 52 0 1 13:36  2009-12-27

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lingading00:00:42swartzer0 / 10
swartzer00:00:42lingading0 / 10
azathoth_core00:00:42crusher0 / 10
crusher00:00:47azathoth_core1 / 10
asdasdg00:00:59Zeke4 / 10
Zeke00:01:04asdasdg4 / 10

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13:37  2009-12-27

Greetings commander.
We have just received the terrible news from our closest allies. The Rudel Union has surrendered to the Mokri Empire. We can no longer expect any hope from them. The only ships that have not surrendered have joined up with us as we prepare for what looks like may be the final battle.
Your orders are to attack the enemy outpost at Serian-6 in preparation for the final assault on the Mokri Capitol. From there, we go directly to Earth.
Secure a victory for us and the Mokri Empire will fall once and for all.
The Mokri managed to build a second Viper class ship but it exploded due to an unstable power grid. We fear that they may soon perfect the design though.
Good luck Commander, or should I say Admiral.

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