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Created by: asdasdg


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38.6364 50 107 54 0 1 14:09  2009-12-27

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lingading00:01:27swartzer0 / 50
azathoth_core00:01:30lingading0 / 50
swartzer00:01:42azathoth_core0 / 50
crusher00:01:48crusher0 / 50
asdasdg00:02:30asdasdg7 / 50
Zeke00:05:11Zeke20 / 50

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14:09  2009-12-27

Victory at last. The outpost has fallen.
We have a direct line of assault leading to their capitol. The Mokri fleet has assembled many ships. Prepare to face fierce fighting like you have not seen before. Anticipate more when you think you are victorious. The enemy has finally perfected the design of the Viper class battleship. Two of these ships have assembled on the outskirts of the system. They will be our first targets.
Battle safely Admiral. Secure us this ultimate victory.
You might want to update your personal record Admiral for you may not return.

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