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Super easy



Created by: Jacob96


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11.6667 57 8 0 5 15:00  2010-01-08

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swartzer00:02:18swartzer6 / ∞
azathoth_core00:03:19azathoth_core6 / ∞
Zeke00:04:40Zeke25 / ∞
Peedle00:09:33Peedle129 / ∞

Comments (5)


13:36  2010-01-09

Raz3124 is right about this type of level being annoying. I sometimes make such a level. However, I usualy make them hidden levels that only I can play. Last I knew, I only had one or two such levels.
One of my earlier levels, Executer 5 was probably my hardest beatable level ever. If you want decent respect arround here, make levels that are fun to play or have a decent art work value. Twin rappid is the worst core gun to spam.
contridictary to the name of the level, it is not easy.


09:32  2010-01-09

Jacob96,please dont make levels like this.Its annoying and impossible.Or people wont bother your levels.


17:29  2010-01-08

I think I have had enough of your twin rappid levels.
Note jacob96, I advise you play some of my recent levels.


16:24  2010-01-08

It was pretty annoying but I just couldn't let it go unbeaten :-)

Jacob96 - This type of twin rapid fire stuff has been done a hundred times and they always get low ratings. People just don't care for them. Mostly because although they may look interesting the first time you've seen one, there is nothing creative about them. I suppose a lot of the young designers just have to get it out of their system though.


15:58  2010-01-08

although this level is possibly beatable, I am not going to bother with this one.

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