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the big sombrero



Created by: asdasdg


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41.6667 3 70 46 0 3 15:11  2010-01-23

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lingading00:00:14Fruktfisk0 / 3
azathoth_core00:00:18lingading0 / 3
swartzer00:00:19azathoth_core0 / 3
Fruktfisk00:00:20swartzer0 / 3
Zeke00:00:23crusher0 / 3
crusher00:00:23asdasdg0 / 3
asdasdg00:00:26Zeke0 / 3
Kania00:00:27Kania0 / 3

Comments (3)


00:35  2010-03-03

@ raz.
You asked ee to mak a good level?
I made a good level: the challenge.
note to those who havn't played it:
it is a realy good level just by looking at the comments for it.


23:50  2010-01-23

Well, depends upon whose perspective your talking from.

If the request for me to make a certin level is made, I see what I can do. If you want to know what I think my best level is, I would say it would be the series of levels I have been making. The Battle For Earth series. btw, have you played the trailors for the next segment of the series, the link is in the forums.


22:16  2010-01-23

asdasdg,if you are a moderator,then you should be at least good at level making. (wait a minute are you a advanced level maker?)

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