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Death swing



Created by: johnchcheung2


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17.7778 10 190 12 2 4 23:54  2010-02-05

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azathoth_core00:02:53azathoth_core4 / 10
swartzer00:03:20swartzer10 / 10
lingading00:05:07lingading10 / 10
crusher00:05:15crusher10 / 10
asdasdg00:12:17asdasdg86 / 10

Comments (4)


18:31  2010-02-15

Well, because of some small error/glitch, you have to resave a level after saving it the first time. After you have saved it twice, it will accept any number of lives. If you simply save a level once, it resets the number of lives to one. After you have saved a level twice, you can have any number of lives (up to 127) or have it be infinite lives. This is one of those ocasions where I start a level before the person resaves it.


00:17  2010-02-10

how did you use more lives than allow?


19:32  2010-02-06

Wow. Sweeping lasers that you can't avoid. Pulse cannons that prevent you from getting close enough to target anything. Twinrapids that hit you every time you do manage to dodge the lasers. I haven't had this much fun since the last time I got poked in the eye with a stick.


01:48  2010-02-06

I beat it just in time. Right before you changed the lives allowed.

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