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the game room ping-pong



Created by: asdasdg


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65 205 190 0 2 19:12  2010-03-01

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10:00  2010-03-06

Race course rules are a little different.
You have to beet the time shown on the non-changing display. The Race course is the third level in the series.
If you think that the Obsticle course is to hard, just leave a comment to say so. I will then put the links in the forums for the first three levels.
If anyone has any suggestions on game-room levels, I am listining.


19:16  2010-03-01

Ok guys. This is how the game room works.
Some of the levels, you will just be observing (short ones) gameplay. excamples: ping-pong.
Other levels found in the game room will be more challenging. (obstical courses, races, etc.)
Each level has a time indicator. Colord squars indicate the time remaining. Green, yellow, and red. Green means you have plenty time. Yellow means your starting to run out. Red, lets just say if it is a competition level you compete in, the killing weapons will soon activate.
Remember, have fun.

The Referee management. :)

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