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Created by: kevinohappyface


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43.75 8 134 31 0 3 04:07  2010-03-30

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lingading00:00:59lingading0 / 8
swartzer00:01:00azathoth_core0 / 8
azathoth_core00:01:05swartzer1 / 8
Zeke00:01:12kevinohappyface2 / 8
kevinohappyface00:01:16Zeke2 / 8

Comments (3)


23:22  2010-04-08

If you beat this twice in a row while only losing two lives, it's more than just luck. Now that there's 8 lives, less experienced players will probably be happier, though.


06:25  2010-04-06

I see my self as an unexperienced player, thus I only allowed as many lives as it took me to beat. I played the finished product twice, and both times I died twice. I geuss I was just lucky. :)


14:35  2010-03-30

I thought this was an interesting and challenging level. I'm going to leave rating it to the other players. Limiting it to 3 lives is probably going to lower the rating. Less experienced players are going to find it too tough to beat and will not appreciate that. I am curious why you only allowed the 3 lives.

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