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Dark star



Created by: johnchcheung2


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26.6667 88 23 0 1 07:41  2010-04-29

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swartzer00:04:39lingading22 / ∞
lingading00:05:18swartzer38 / ∞
viell00:06:51Zeke65 / ∞
asdasdg00:08:43viell81 / ∞
Zeke00:10:34asdasdg121 / ∞

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21:59  2011-06-06

There is a spot about two-thirds of the way up the right-hand side of the screen where you can sit and the lasers won't hit you. Of course, if you move even the slightest bit to avoid the rockets, twinrapids, and hail of bullet spam, they WILL hit you.

Better off, just don't waste your time on this, it's terrible. I wonder who rated this so high - there are no elements of good gameplay here, it's just a shoot-die-shoot-die suicide mission. It doesn't require skill, only patience and nothing better to do.

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