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Created by: TL10 11


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2.5 35 15 0 4 02:19  2010-05-27

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lingading00:01:23Zeke2 / ∞
sofabulousHHH00:01:36lingading3 / ∞
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16:09  2010-05-28

TL0 11.
All you have to do about this is go to your home page and do the following:
Click the tag in the collum where you see R. You may get a pop up at the top of the screen asking to run a scriptid window. Select yes. The page will refresh and you click the tag for the level you want to change the name on and type the new name for that level. If a level with that name already exsists, that level must either be renamed or deleted.
Hope this helps :)



10:59  2010-05-28

That's fine hit9. Those things happen and the moderators are here to help with those issues.

All you have to do is ask :-)


04:57  2010-05-28

acully TL10 11 is my friend and i Know what hapend: he's friend was being annoying and just as TL10 11 was about to save he's level, he's friend typed in random letters. so TL10 11 saved he's level over and over trying to get the right name.


21:57  2010-05-27

TL10 11 - Please don't post multiple copies of the same level. If you are having a problem, please post a comment and request help or go to the forum and discuss it there. We can and will delete them if you continue to do that.

Thank you for cooperating.

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