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Alone in the Dark



Created by: Mouzi


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68.75 0 779 64 0 5 09:18  2010-06-07

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lingading00:00:06Mouzi0 / 0
asdasdg00:00:09qeas0 / 0
Mouzi00:00:13Zeke0 / 0
hit900:00:17hit90 / 0
crusher00:00:29asdasdg0 / 0
Zeke00:00:33KittyBeast0 / 0
azathoth_core00:00:41lingading0 / 0
secret00:01:10azathoth_core0 / 0
qeas00:01:17secret0 / 0
otogi200:01:23otogi20 / 0

Comments (5)


14:46  2010-06-16

I do not know how you did the flashlight effect, but it is a great concept.


09:50  2010-06-10

Yeah, I don't think it's possible to beat that time anymore :P


09:25  2010-06-10

Um, pretty much. BUt the shield does not stay up long enough to alow me to pass through so I had to die once....
But good luck beating my time.....


07:02  2010-06-10

You probably used the shield to skip half of the level? Or did you? Anyway it wasn't supposed to have infinite lives, I just forgot to change it after I fixed some other things :P The wait at the beginning is meant to take away your shield so you can't cheat. About if it's easy or not now, I don't really know since I made it so it just seems quite easy. But it's art so it's not supposed to be very challenging ;) Unless you compete for the best time then it could be.


15:46  2010-06-09

That was easy when I beat it the first time....... lost a life though but it was fast.....

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