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The Challenge!


Created by: hit10


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
40 2 157 21 0 4 20:43  2010-06-27

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lingading00:01:11azathoth_core0 / 2
sofabulousHHH00:01:32lingading0 / 2
azathoth_core00:01:38swartzer1 / 2
swartzer00:01:45sofabulousHHH2 / 2
hit1000:02:42hit102 / 2
Zeke00:03:24Zeke2 / 2

Comments (4)


21:04  2010-06-28

I knew that already, but thanks for trying to tell me, swartzer.


20:39  2010-06-28

Technically it's 3 lives now - the number of lives really means "how many lives you have after the first one", or "how many times can you die without the game ending", whichever way you care to state it.

If you want players to have only two lives, set the number of lives to one; players will have one ship in reserve at the start, and if they die, they'll be on their last ship.


21:04  2010-06-27

Thats better. 2 lives is the best for this level.


20:47  2010-06-27

Hay!, I set the lives at 2 and its giving me infinity!!!!

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