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He Likes Looking At You.


Created by: hit10


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58.75 122 52 0 8 02:13  2010-07-06

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lingading00:00:25lingading0 / ∞
azathoth_core00:00:31azathoth_core0 / ∞
asdasdg00:00:38Zeke2 / ∞
hit1000:00:39asdasdg3 / ∞
sofabulousHHH00:00:42hit103 / ∞
Zeke00:00:45nubme4 / ∞
nubme00:00:46sofabulousHHH4 / ∞
johnchcheung200:00:49johnchcheung26 / ∞
lock100:01:20lock111 / ∞

Comments (8)


16:32  2011-10-23

im so sorry i wasnt thinking


10:05  2010-07-26

but the trash can to delete my own comments is still white. yes i can delete the comments of another moderator but I rarely see a reason to delete the comment another moderator posts.
a little side note: I also put the comment on report for admin review. However, ill delete the report i filed soon. @good dragon. If you don't know where to get an email account, use google.


00:27  2010-07-11

Yep, thanks.


23:36  2010-07-10

You see the word "Moderator" under my name? that means that I have Moderator capacities. The pimary tools I have acces to are the tools that allow me to hide/delete anyone's levels and to delete comments. I also have a few other tools I have access to.
No, I do not log onto someone else's account to do something.
btw, the Icon's that I click on a level profile to do these actions are blue and not white.
Hope this answers your question hit10.



22:39  2010-07-10

How do you do that, asdasdg? How do you, somehow get onto someone else's file and delete the comment another user put on? Or like how you hid my level I made back when I was hit9.


17:07  2010-07-08

All taken care of Hit10.


15:19  2010-07-07

You know, LOCK1, you should never give away personal info online, such as your name. If I were you, I'd delete the comment.


07:22  2010-07-06

Haha from the name I was half expecting it to be something like this

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