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Created by: Mouzi


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63.0769 154 73 1 8 10:12  2010-07-09

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lingading00:00:18qeas0 / ∞
pikachu10700:00:19Zeke0 / ∞
azathoth_core00:00:20azathoth_core0 / ∞
Zeke00:00:20geri0 / ∞
KittyBeast00:00:20spyro1010 / ∞
spyro10100:00:21jodi0 / ∞
crusher00:00:21jgm0 / ∞
jodi00:00:24KittyBeast0 / ∞
jgm00:00:26pikachu1070 / ∞
tmrocks00:00:28lingading0 / ∞

Comments (8)


14:11  2010-07-20

Well, you can do pretty much anything if you try hard enough, but the lag caused by some messy workarounds is going to limit it more than what is actually possible and what's not.


12:07  2010-07-18

prepare to have your mind fried!Did you know that you can use color changes in death triggers or start time triggers in death triggers? Can you make something where parts can change seizes? Did you know that you can have death triggers for extra cores like its 2 games or maybe can you move parts in squares? MAN! I AM FRYING MY OWN BRAIN! That`s a mouthfull of stuff like probably make certain triggers can be the same but description? or use ALL the advanced optins on one part? WOW LOLZ! THAT`S A MOUTHFULL!


11:37  2010-07-18

mouzi, the link, slowdown fix said the URI you`ve selected has disallowed character! can you tell me in a different type of way, like an example of rotating in lines at times, not non-stop because i know that already!


11:09  2010-07-18

I used the straight line movement technique for all of the parts. Read more on the forum:


10:38  2010-07-18

Mouzi, i need to know how you made your level like that! the one called 'Just a level'


12:33  2010-07-09

Already used it once before for Art Part 8 though :P It could have been possible with just correct placing but this is easier.


12:25  2010-07-09

That was a good pattern to pick to demonstrate that Mouzi. I think it would have been less interesting with a rectanglar or circular object.


10:25  2010-07-09

I really have to give otogi credit for his weapon synchronization method (which I happened to find on this level
Too bad he's not using it or at least I haven't seen it much.

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