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the spaseship of death (ice)


Created by: nhftk12


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71 258 93 1 18 10:41  2010-08-06

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lingading00:01:42lingading0 / ∞
azathoth_core00:01:45johnchcheung20 / ∞
sofabulousHHH00:02:14azathoth_core0 / ∞
KittyBeast00:02:22Zeke1 / ∞
Zeke00:02:26nhftk123 / ∞
nhftk1200:02:31sofabulousHHH3 / ∞
Shyguy199400:02:32MD4 / ∞
johnchcheung200:02:41KittyBeast4 / ∞
MD00:02:46Shyguy19946 / ∞
Rattolord00:03:14Rattolord11 / ∞

Comments (18)


01:56  2010-08-23

the level called "orbs of colors", see in gallery.


10:02  2010-08-22

just make your level and I will look at it when the contest starts!


07:28  2010-08-21

me too!


06:27  2010-08-21

awsome! tell me when it starts. i have a level in my head fot that!


12:42  2010-08-20

well I am only holding the contest when someone tells me clearly what I need to start one but get ready ahead of time! and yes it can be anything you want!


04:43  2010-08-20

sounds nice but i have a question
i have to make a level and to use color changing, can i use the colors changing in any way i want?


16:57  2010-08-19

the contest I am holding is called "color changing contest"
you have to have the best color changes to win like this, to take first place would have to be a very high frame per second color changine, but completementary colors can stay as is, medium FPS! something that is boring would have to be a color chang with only 2 colors going very slow.


17:14  2010-08-15

cool i wanna hold a contest! i just dont know what the topic will be.


09:57  2010-08-14

The main reason these contests are still open and nobody is contributing to them is because nobody took control and defined the parameters and set a time line for entries. Anyone can start a contest but they need to follow through and give good direction for rules and cutoff dates. The forum is the place to have those discussions and keep track of progress.


04:44  2010-08-14

hmm... I feel sorry for the users who's contest's had'nt had any levels created for them :(


06:05  2010-08-10

There are two contests that are (as far as I know) still open, but no one has made any levels for them or at least not enough to have a contest.
Rotation contest:
Survival level contest:


03:05  2010-08-10

Feuw!, but do I HAVE to forums acount?


22:17  2010-08-09

no you do NOT need to be a moderator to start a contest. Forums account is convienient for holding a contest.


17:31  2010-08-09

No, I mean everyone. Sometimes people host contests for Zeta Flow for other people. Like, for example, who can make make the best art level? Or the hardest level of them all?


11:56  2010-08-09

hit10: "Are we gonna have another contest?"
who is "we"? me and you?


06:14  2010-08-09

what do you mean?


05:47  2010-08-09

Hay, talking about contests how do you hold one? I'd like to make a contest, but I have a funny feeling that I have to be a Moderator to do it, and a forums account, just to get the word out.


05:39  2010-08-09

Are we gonna have another contest? Because if we are, I reckon nhftk12 has it in the bag with this one. Art and difficulty REALLY mix.

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