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my first 3-D level



Created by: spyro101


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49.5833 0 111 65 0 11 13:37  2010-08-09

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lingading00:00:27asdasdg0 / 0
crusher00:00:31sofabulousHHH0 / 0
azathoth_core00:00:31crusher0 / 0
Zeke00:00:32malice0 / 0
asdasdg00:00:34spyro1010 / 0
jgm00:00:34Zeke0 / 0
nhftk1200:00:34azathoth_core0 / 0
spyro10100:00:35nhftk120 / 0
malice00:00:36lingading0 / 0
sofabulousHHH00:00:39jgm0 / 0

Comments (11)


10:28  2010-08-17

hey spyro, tell you something. Raz3124 has created far more levels then i have. i am simply making large levels now.


02:17  2010-08-17

I'm only occasionally here these days. There's some kind of bug with both of my machines that makes the game pretty much unplayable for me, and I won't have time to figure it out for a while.

I will be back though, never fear!


22:47  2010-08-15

sry hit! asdasdg made more than twice my levels!


04:41  2010-08-14

lol, yeah sometimes you talk to yourself. And thanks for saying that about me, but what do you say about swartzer and Zeke? I'd say swartzer is ultimate in judgement, and I think you should be an ultimate in ammount of levels created too.


16:48  2010-08-13

we have to admit it! mouzi is the ultimate in arts! MD is the ultimate in the site, asdasdg is the ultimate in number of levels, hit10 is the ultimate of best friend, and i am the ultimate in chatting!


16:37  2010-08-13

okay, the blabering goes to me too! i won`t be active as well because i am on deviantART now!


06:10  2010-08-10

Yeah, I'm around. Been messing around with StarCraft II a lot lately so I haven't checked my regular sites that much.


01:37  2010-08-10

i haven't seen Mouzi too... is he still makes levels? the last level i saw he criated is the hologram.


22:12  2010-08-09

Oh, he is around. Just doesn't post many comments. Also he is probalby in a different time zone from you hit10.


17:35  2010-08-09

Hay, I have'nt seen mouzi or any other moderators exept asdasg, latley.


13:50  2010-08-09

inspired by mouzi

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