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Created by: ryo3


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
23.5 100 187 37 0 4 05:11  2010-10-07

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azathoth_core00:03:35azathoth_core8 / 100
lingading00:05:01lingading18 / 100
crusher00:06:01crusher28 / 100
Zeke00:06:12Zeke29 / 100
asdasdg00:09:31asdasdg57 / 100

Comments (4)


14:57  2010-10-10

asdasdg, I REALLY don't think that spam is the correct way to put it, I think surplus would fit better.


10:05  2010-10-10

LOL! My time is all ones and sevens. hehe.


17:44  2010-10-09

I reckon this level takes up too much space, and spins too much. When making a hard level, make sure you've got enough space for a less experinced user (like me) to finish the level. I don't think I could finish this one in a DAY.


13:48  2010-10-07

Im not going to attempt THAT level again.

Essentialy it has too much rocket spam. Not to menion a large side order of spreader spam and a small laser side order. Two turrets. One shooting a wave area of bullets at you while the other simply shoots at you.

Better be ready to sacrifice lives on this one.

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