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Created by: asdasdg


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18.5714 104 102 0 3 13:29  2010-10-09

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hit1100:00:00hit110 / ∞
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Comments (3)


17:23  2010-10-10

actualy i added a couple extra levels. So far, two art levels in the gallery. I will be adding more when I have the time.


14:22  2010-10-10

one short level


13:36  2010-10-09

Ok all. Ive started making some art levels and putting them into a collection. But you have to go through the "Art Gallery" in order. Don't wory, all the levels are beatable.
Updates to the Art gallery will be made. The first art immage is called "Pony."
The art gallery is also going to be the place where I will be makeing random art levels. Most of these levels are made for younger children but adaults can also enjoy them to.


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