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the hard level



Created by: JSBOLLLL


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35 100 118 57 0 2 08:44  2010-10-28

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Username Best Time


Username Best Lives


lingading00:00:49asdasdg0 / 100
Zeke00:01:00crusher0 / 100
bekkis00:01:17Zeke0 / 100
JSBOLLLL00:01:25azathoth_core0 / 100
azathoth_core00:01:28lingading0 / 100
jgm00:01:49doburoiha1 / 100
asdasdg00:01:51jgm1 / 100
doburoiha00:01:53JSBOLLLL9 / 100
crusher00:01:55bekkis9 / 100

Comments (2)


21:17  2010-10-28

Yup, one should never post an email address in plain text on the internet as spam bots will collect it. Plus you may not want random people emailing you either.

I'll change your username to 'jsbollll'. But I'll give you a day or two to read this message first so you won't be confused when you can't login with your old username anymore.


18:47  2010-10-28

I don't recomend having an Email address as your username. That is an open inventation to getting random spammers to message you.
Filing report to MD for username change/level transfer.


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