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mini spaceship


Created by: johnchcheung2


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0 5 62 7 0 4 09:08  2011-04-13

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lingading00:03:12crusher0 / 5
Zeke00:04:28lingading0 / 5
asdasdg00:04:29Zeke1 / 5
sofabulousHHH00:05:16sofabulousHHH3 / 5
crusher00:06:20asdasdg4 / 5

Comments (4)


19:53  2011-04-15

johnchcheung2 - I really appreciate that you're trying to make interesting, challenging levels and that you actually consider people's feedback. Thanks for that! Anyone who is really trying to develop good ones should be encouraged as much as possible.

And thanks for the tip about the rating, Zeke!


08:57  2011-04-14

Not twinrapids anymore? Check. 5 extra lives? check. Jittery core? Check. Did I beat it? Check.


21:23  2011-04-13

I agree with you lingading. BTW... you don't have to beat a level to rate it. Hitting "P" while playing a level will open a screen where you can rate it.

johnchcheung2 - If you design a level that you wouldn't want to play yourself, that should be a clue that the level is BAD. If you've taken the time to play the older levels, you'd realize that tiny cores and twin rapid fire usually get the worst ratings.


20:38  2011-04-13

Impossible to catch micro jitter core with twinrapids? Check. Way too many hit points required to hit said core? Check. Infinite number of ships so you can't rate it unless you beat it? Check.

Just to let you know what you're in for.

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