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SpectroNano III



Created by: earllike


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43.4615 95 28 1 2 00:58  2012-05-27

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Zeke00:01:27azathoth_core2 / ∞
crusher00:01:27Zeke2 / ∞
azathoth_core00:01:31crusher3 / ∞
earllike00:01:33lingading5 / ∞
lingading00:01:48earllike9 / ∞
jh433600:02:20jh433615 / ∞
draforzx00:03:04draforzx24 / ∞

Comments (2)


19:07  2012-05-27

EDIT: Made the boss much more easier because the core was impossible to destroy.


01:11  2012-05-27

Description: Lightning Guns, they make common sense when written in code. Lightning Guns fire at you and destroy your ship. It will also disrupts your bullets. This example of a Lightning Gun is applied to the core. The core will shoot a lightning ray if it flashes in yellow. So be careful if you are not expecting this. Oh, and the singularity weapon, to make sure you will not get near to the core, and sounds for the lightning.

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