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Spacestation: Alpha-23X-Gen



Created by: KittyBeast


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60.8333 139 47 0

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azathoth_core00:00:49KittyBeast0 / ∞
lingading00:00:49lingading0 / ∞
KittyBeast00:01:27crusher1 / ∞
Garrett200200:01:51azathoth_core2 / ∞
crusher00:02:09Garrett20025 / ∞
Peedle00:04:29Peedle22 / ∞

Comments (1)


04:13  2012-06-15

The spacestation is close, destroy it before it can generate more enemies, Hello again another level I have made that has taken me ages, hope you enjoy. Remember to aim for the green parts, they are the week points of the ship and will disable guns and parts of the ship and will make it weak. Enjoy.

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