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Created by: AzureDragon


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18:09  2013-01-28

Also, whenever you see MORE_PART#, that means you can put a list of as many numbers as you want. If it just says PART# then you can only have 1 number in there.


18:04  2013-01-28

Tip: When you want to list parts in the AI code, do so by separating the numbers with commas. Like so:

In the helper code, the parameters surrounded in square brackets are meant to be replaced (remove the square brackets). The square brackets are a way of saying [THIS_THING_IS_OPTIONAL]. So, either remove them entirely or replace them. If you want to list multiple things, do so with commas.

So, for example:
>>> rotatePartToShip, PART#, [MORE_PART#]

Good: rotatePartToShip, 5
Good: rotatePartToShip, 5, 6, 7, 8
Bad: rotatePartToShip, 5, [6]
Bad: rotatePartToShip, 5, [MORE_PART#]

There should never be special symbols in the AI code. These are bad: [ ] &


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