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Created by: KittyBeast


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
83.5714 10 139 111 0 6 00:38  2013-09-02

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KittyBeast00:01:54KittyBeast0 / 10
lingading00:01:58Zeke0 / 10
azathoth_core00:02:00lingading0 / 10
geri00:02:08geri0 / 10
Zeke00:02:16crusher0 / 10
asdasdg00:02:19asdasdg1 / 10
Scythe00:02:20azathoth_core1 / 10
Squiddington00:02:24secret2 / 10
crusher00:02:26Scythe2 / 10
secret00:02:32Squiddington2 / 10

Comments (6)


11:23  2013-09-02

It's nice to see that the moderators are still active after so long :).


11:15  2013-09-02

Well done level. I really enjoyed playing through it. A nice scrolling level...


11:12  2013-09-02

Ah ok, thanks for telling me.


11:11  2013-09-02

That is something that everyone has to do. A little glitch I doubt MD has gotten around to fixing.


00:52  2013-09-02

Oh and just for you moderators or admins out there; I can't seem to save the lives on a level. When I save it I have to go into the editor of that level again and change the lives up. Am I doing something wrong since that happens, or does it happen to others too?


00:39  2013-09-02

Spent quite some time on perfecting this one, although I have improvements to do when it comes to lag and such. Hope you enjoy, and be aware if your computer is really slow it might put you down to 2-3 frames per second, just saying :).

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