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Level 0 (KittyBeast Version)



Created by: KittyBeast


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10 5 81 66 1 1 12:13  2013-09-03

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Rattolord00:00:06Zeke0 / 5
lingading00:00:06zxzx890020 / 5
KittyBeast00:00:06KittyBeast0 / 5
Zeke00:00:06lingading0 / 5
Piconoe00:00:09antikuka0 / 5
pikachu10700:00:09Rattolord0 / 5
zxzx8900200:00:10pikachu1070 / 5
Username00:00:11Username0 / 5
antikuka00:00:16Piconoe0 / 5

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09:54  2013-09-04

Ahh, finally. Heres a series for you guys, it's essentially the campaign I guess you can call it, recreated with new AI and a few changes to parts and weaponry. I made it a bit harder then the origional, but it isn't so hard that you'll get wrecked all day. Well, thats what I'm making for today, I hope you enjoy all the time and effort I spent in making this. If there is any suggestions that you think would improve on my levels, please tell me and I'll do my best to make them cooler :).

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