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Created by: Lazer


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28.75 70 42 0 3 00:54  2013-09-09

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lingading00:00:23crusher0 / ∞
sofabulousHHH00:00:24Username0 / ∞
crusher00:00:24qeas0 / ∞
Zeke00:00:25Zeke0 / ∞
Lazer00:00:27Lazer0 / ∞
JohnLeagsdurg00:00:29lingading0 / ∞
Username00:00:29JohnLeagsdurg0 / ∞
qeas00:00:34sofabulousHHH0 / ∞

Comments (3)


01:43  2013-09-09

Thankyou your very nice and I'm looking forward too playing your levels


01:14  2013-09-09

Hey, Lazer. You could go in your previous levels and see what you did to make your creations move, but you could also go into the forums and check there for help with commands and tons of other stuff. You could update your level if you want to make it move and stuff :P. Keep up the good work!


01:00  2013-09-09

sorry it's not that good!!! I forgot how to make it move since I havn't made a level in 2 years when I know how to make it move I'll upgrade it for you. In the meen time I hope you enjoy. :D

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