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Attack of The Invisible Core



Created by: thegamingpromaster


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0 130 3 0 4 12:46  2013-09-12

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lingading01:30:15lingading3 / ∞
Zeke01:38:17Zeke32 / ∞

Comments (4)


11:07  2013-12-22

OK, I sat through your troll level.


09:34  2013-09-15

Zeke, you deserve some kind of medal for sitting through this awful POS.


00:31  2013-09-13

I don't understand where you get the patience from...


19:18  2013-09-12

thegamingpromaster - This is one of those levels that the Moderators hate to deal with. It's our job to make sure that all levels in the Gallery are beatable. I don't know exactly how long it took to beat this because I lost track after the first 45-60 minutes. I hope you got this out of your system and don't do another level like this.

To the rest of the players... Once you finally get to the point where all you have to deal with is the core, be prepared to spend a very long time just pounding on the core. And if you choose to quit and rate the level before beating it, all you have to do is hit the "P" key to pause playing and give your rating. This is the worst level I've seen in a long, long time.

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