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Created by: KittyBeast


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
81.6667 10 163 119 0 5 09:10  2013-09-17

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lingading00:00:27NARF0 / 10
thegamingpromaster00:00:31KittyBeast0 / 10
sofabulousHHH00:00:31thegamingpromaster0 / 10
KittyBeast00:00:33Zeke0 / 10
qeas00:00:36lingading0 / 10
Zeke00:00:37sofabulousHHH1 / 10
asdasdg00:00:39asdasdg1 / 10
NARF00:00:39qeas2 / 10
pikachu10700:01:10pikachu1073 / 10

Comments (5)


08:14  2013-11-04

Thank you :)


03:55  2013-11-03

Good level overall! Exactly what a simple level needs, I'd say. Color is also nice.


20:13  2013-09-18

Nice one! It is fast paced, good looking, and not tedious. Lots of opportunity for quick, deliberate maneuvers, and not so difficult or time-consuming as to chase off inexperienced players. This is the kind of "short and sweet" level that inspires me to keep trying for a better time. I have a feeling this one will maintain a high rating.


12:31  2013-09-17

I beat your current time.


09:16  2013-09-17

Hello. I decided to try to make a more detailed level today, and I would like to know if you think it looks better with more details or if you want me to stick to what I made previously. This is just a test, it isn't supposed to be very challenging or have alot of AI commands so I'm not expecting a high rating. Anyways, would appreciate it if you put down a comment about if you want to see more of this or not. Thanks :)

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