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Impregnable Space Fortress N.E.X.U.S.



Created by: Piconoe


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87.3913 2 338 81 2 10 07:12  2014-03-09

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lingading00:02:16Zeke0 / 2
Piconoe00:02:16lingading0 / 2
KittyBeast00:02:22Piconoe0 / 2
Zeke00:02:32KittyBeast1 / 2
zxzx8900200:02:54ryo31 / 2
ryo300:02:54zxzx890022 / 2

Comments (10)


17:18  2014-12-26

This is epic work..looks like im so tiny with my works :D


19:19  2014-05-09

Piconoe, to make a piece slide to a place, I would suggest using many setDistance commands, or else clever use of rotations (which can made straight - there's an example in the forums if I remember correctly). I made an example of using many setDistance commands, check out the example level referenced in


01:02  2014-04-29

Hmm...a college programmer? Well that explains the AI quality in the levels. Fantastic work here!


03:16  2014-03-12

Thanks. That really means a lot. I've actually never designed levels like this before to be honest. I just messed around with the first two stages and then dove right into this one. As for flops, unless you include the first two stages (Singularity Ark was just because I was bored and intentionally put no effort into it and Grand Ark was just a refresher course on the editor. One which I'll probably return to in the future to make it a legitimate stage), I hope I don't end up failing on any stages I actually put effort into. Fingers crossed.


20:09  2014-03-10

I wondered if you had a background in programming, because I've never seen anyone just show up here and immediately start designing levels this good. The little pauses and rewards that come with finishing this part or that part reveal someone who genuinely notices and appreciates the dynamic of great games. Most of the good level designers here had really simple beginnings, and all of them - even the best - have at least a couple of real flops in the gallery.

I'm afraid I'm not going to be any help with the programming aspects, I don't know the first thing about it. I just come here because this game reminds me of the great vector-based games of my youth - stuff like Tempest, Star Wars, and Omega Race. But there is a forum here where people discuss things like that. You might want to check it out if you have time.


04:58  2014-03-10

Yeah, I played through all the high rated levels to get a feel for what a good stage here was to see if I could bring something new, and I guess the reason I never saw anybody have the core do what it did is because I got bored after a while from sitting there after getting used to a pattern just shooting something for a solid minute only to make a slight mistake due to me not being amazing at danmakus and have to start the entire thing over and just saying "Nope".

Also, I was talking about the second phase and not the core since all the complex stages I saw were just blow up a chunk of the ship and have parts behind it activate but it is still the same ship you're facing, just missing a chunk. But I suppose having a Matryoshka doll boss isn't anything new here.

I'm not a great artist and since I saw some amazing, visually stunning bosses like Kitty's and that one Ice ship with the most comments in its comment section, so I went for more code complex since I'm actually in college to be a professional programmer. Saw a lot of "do one big complex thing" and not a lot of systematic complex phases, so I decided to go that route.

Finally, do you know how to make an individual piece slide to a place (and not pop there instantly) and stay there? The part before the final laser with the rotate and explode is actually a placeholder. It was supposed to slide open (notice the split down the middle) and remain open as blocking chunks to force you to stay closer to the laser (and also because it looks a lot cooler), but I couldn't get it to work. Is it setDistance? Because that's the only thing I can think of, but it just pops there.


17:54  2014-03-09

Well, I've played so many of these levels that I automatically expect something like that to happen when only the core is left. It happens a lot, maybe even more times than not. If you play through lots of these, you'll see for yourself.

I ended up getting a better score once I realized I could dodge the cannons in the first phase and save time. The idea of shooting one (or only a few targets) with the result of blowing up a whole bunch of stuff has been done before here, but not very often. It's more frequently been "shoot one thing and several other dormant things activate and attack." I think you've set a great example for new possibilities with this level, I can't wait to see where it goes next. And I think your choice of required HP on the parts is good - it's the variety of things that happen here that makes the level fun, and nothing requires so many shots that the game stops being fun and starts becoming tedious.


10:11  2014-03-09

Thanks. How did you like the sudden surprise after taking out the fortress itself? Did you see it coming? (don't elaborate. I'm hoping it catches people off guard)

Also, damn it, you beat my record. Noticed earlier you failed by 10-ish points. How long did it take you to get that? Any suggestions for HP amounts on the weakpoints? Mostly made it as a tech demo and experimentation platform, but it'd be neat to turn it into a challenging boss.


10:05  2014-03-09

Nice one, Piconoe! I really like the "cut scene" feel.


07:16  2014-03-09

Do you have what it takes to take down the almight Neo-Exidus Xenon Ultimate Spaceweapon and save the galaxy from Neo-Exidus?

(HP and attack rate not scaled. Built mainly for looks and feel. Feel free to leave suggestions here on different parts' HP and attack rate to make it feel like a real level)

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