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Neo-Exidus Mobile Base Razer



Created by: Piconoe


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78.5714 2 637 49 1 4 01:41  2014-03-12

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KittyBeast00:01:02lingading0 / 2
lingading00:01:05Piconoe0 / 2
Piconoe00:01:22KittyBeast1 / 2
crusher00:03:27crusher2 / 2

Comments (4)


17:13  2014-12-26

Its Nice Level but its so hard :D


12:27  2014-03-24

I figured it wouldn't be that unreasonable since it doesn't move and the laser fires off delayed. The gun arm is negligible during that phase when you're not trying to dodge the undercannons and the missile arm is deactivated when it's moving. I figured it wouldn't be a challenge once you figure out you need to fly through that since you have a decent sized window to do so, and once it starts moving during the final stage, in case you die and respawn at the bottom, I made it so you could destroy the panels at the very bottom since it's at that point highly unreasonable to be forced to fly back up there to hit the core with it moving even the slightest amount.

As for the comment, you misinterpret why I said "It's really easy". I wasn't bragging about it since I programmed it and knew what you needed to do. It was more saying that once you figure out what you need to do, it's one of those forehead slapping moments where you go "Oh, man, how did I not think of that?" I'm flat out terrible at these kinds of games (which is why my levels are pretty easy and instead opt for stages and weakpoints since I like to be able to play my own levels), so if I can do it, I know you of all people definitely can. But I'll delete it since I can see what you mean and I can easily see how anyone reading the comments would read it how you did, and I apologize for coming off as smug.


18:54  2014-03-22

Not a bad level, Piconoe, but I have two suggestions:

First, that "hair thin" corridor that the player has to fly through is pretty unreasonable. Levels where the player has to fly or shoot through microscopic cracks usually don't keep good ratings. I rated this pretty high because I like the timing and strategy aspects.

Second (and this is in reference to your comment): you won't make any friends around here by expounding on how "easy" something is. It may be easy for you because you programmed it and know the sequence of things, but for everyone else, this level is NOT easy. By saying that, you seem to be placing yourself among the trolls in the gallery who have made levels that are almost impossible and titled them with names like "so easy hahaha". If you were just another troll, I wouldn't even take the time to type this. But you seem to be a person who both appreciates good gameplay and is gifted in programming.


01:48  2014-03-12

A mechanical monstrosity capable of leveling even the most fortified of bases in mere seconds, the Neo-Exidus Mobile Base Razer is a force to be reckoned with. Armed to the teeth with cannons, as well as an arm mounted gatling gun and missle silo, no amounts of armor can stand up to a fully mounted assault from this weapon. The armor surrounding its core is also of the most durable of materials with no weakpoints in sight.

This marvel of Xenon weaponology is the very thing that took out your unit. You've come to the Xenon homeworld to destroy the N.E.X.U.S., but now that the Razer has shown itself, you feel a great rage building within you. Can the might of your rage punch through its impenetrable armor so that you can exact your revenge? Or will its unstoppable firepower take you down like the rest of your co-pilots?

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