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[Xenon Saga] Armored Space Destroyer



Created by: Piconoe


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88.8095 2 274 90 1 4 09:53  2014-03-12

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KittyBeast00:01:51MD0 / 2
lingading00:02:00KittyBeast0 / 2
Piconoe00:02:16lingading0 / 2
MD00:02:16crusher0 / 2
gabby400:02:56Piconoe0 / 2
crusher00:03:34asdasdg1 / 2
zxzx8900200:04:11Zeke1 / 2
asdasdg00:04:13zxzx890022 / 2
Zeke00:05:01gabby42 / 2

Comments (4)


17:57  2014-10-15

OMG This is super awesome..u are a legend


18:10  2014-05-09

Nice level - it was fun.


00:44  2014-04-29

It is very rare that I give a 95 or something like it to a level but this is diffidently worthy of a high rating!


09:59  2014-03-12

The cornerstone in Xenon astroengineering, the Armored Space Destroyer takes to the stars as the Neo-Exidus' main flagship. At the heart of every Neo-Exidus fleet rests a Space Destroyer. Armed to the teeth with turrets, missiles, and a massive laser capable of punching a hole in the defenses of any Alliance fleet.

To make matters worse, the Armored Space Destroyer proves the power of Xenon metallurgy. All Xenon spacecraft tend to boast extremely resilient armor, and the Space Destroyer is no exception. Not even an Alliance High-Velocity Particle Cannon can put a dent in its armor.

After fighting through the frontline, you finally make it to the heart of the first fleet. The first real hurdle standing between you and the N.E.X.U.S. Can you find a way to punch through the Space Destroyer's armor and take it out? Or will you be vaporized by the awesome might of the Astrolaser?

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