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Created by: KittyBeast


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85 10 286 18 1 1 13:12  2016-05-18

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KittyBeast00:04:11KittyBeast7 / 10

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10:55  2016-05-19

Hey, just a quick note about this level. This is probably my most dedicated project in Zetaflow ever. I spent lots of time, energy and creativity into making this the ultimate level.

There is a problem with this map that I can't avoid and that is lagspikes. I personally experienced some lagspikes, but nothing too major and it gets better as you progress through the level.

You may wonder why it's played so many times in such a short duration of time, and the answer is simply playtesting. I decided not to reset the plays because I wanted the single win I managed to pull on this monstrocity to stay as proof that it is possible to beat.

I won't spoil anything about the level, so, go ahead and jump in, or don't because it's one hell of a fight!

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