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Created by: KittyBeast


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86 5 64 34 0 3 09:56  2016-05-21

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KittyBeast00:01:06Zeke0 / 5
Zeke00:01:13KittyBeast0 / 5
Kania2k100:01:26crusher1 / 5
crusher00:01:30Kania2k12 / 5
antikuka00:01:38antikuka2 / 5
MD00:01:43MD5 / 5

Comments (3)


01:12  2016-05-25

Haha yes, that was my intention. I hope that Zetaflow won't completely die off just yet. Sadly my creative-rush ended just a day ago so I probably won't be making any new levels in the near future, but hopefully I managed to spark some inspiration for others to continue playing this game!


19:55  2016-05-24

Not a problem KittyBeast. I watched the video, and it's just might inspire someone to visit here to find out more about the game. Free advertising is good. :-)


11:55  2016-05-21

I recorded the process of me creating this level! Check it out here if you're interested:

And for any moderators, if this is going against any rules, then please remove this comment, thanks!

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