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A simple and humble return


Created by: asdasdg


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KittyBeast00:00:27fractal0 / ∞
fractal00:00:43Zeke0 / ∞
Zeke00:00:43KittyBeast0 / ∞
MD00:00:59MD2 / ∞

Comments (4)


19:33  2017-03-11

what's this? what do you MEAN zeta-flow is supposed to run this fast?!

I''m in a similar boat to asdasdg here, current computer is so much faster than the old ones that levels are harder.


22:17  2017-03-09

Good to see you back asdasdg!


12:52  2017-03-06

Don't know how often I'll make levels. I remember the days when I would rely on lag to be able to play more challenging levels. Alas with a high end gaming computer that is no longer possible :(

Looking forward to making some new high quality levels when I get the time.


21:39  2017-03-05

Welcome back, asdasdg! Looking forward to playing your future levels :)

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