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Good Design is Hard



Created by: swartzer


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
52.6087 10 1050 140 1 3 15:42  2007-10-21

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azathoth_core00:01:44lingading0 / 10
lingading00:01:47mot0 / 10
mot00:02:01azathoth_core1 / 10
hugooo00:02:22swartzer4 / 10
swartzer00:02:28hugooo5 / 10
The Jackster00:02:36Zeke7 / 10
Zeke00:02:57The Jackster7 / 10

Comments (3)


12:16  2010-01-31

you want to know?
you see the command structure under parts in AI box? clkick the rotate part and input values of the information required where asked to. the part selected to rotate will preform the command you instructed. hope this helps.
note: read the forums for futher information.

The Jackster

10:53  2009-09-16

Same With Hit9


17:20  2009-07-10

how the hell do you you make those arms spi its cool, because im an amature at this game and only 9 i need to learn some new things about zeta flow

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