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Bad Example: Slice'n'dice



Created by: swartzer


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27.1667 0 1365 14 0 5 00:54  2007-11-23

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azathoth_core00:01:51swartzer0 / 0
mot00:01:53azathoth_core0 / 0
swartzer00:02:03mot0 / 0

Comments (5)


22:38  2009-10-01

Yeah, it was meant to be an example of what not to do in level design. The only reason it's playable at all is that I wasn't good enough at making it impossible. This was the lesson I learned: anybody can make a level they themselves can't beat, but that doesn't mean it's actually impossible.

The Jackster

11:59  2009-09-14

Man'to many lazers lol


10:49  2009-08-22

this level is really challengeing


03:36  2009-07-15

cool, exept if you put a few more lives it be much better


00:49  2009-05-13

I made this level as an example of a certain kind of "impossible" level that was common at the time. However, Redsatori proved that it wasn't actually impossible, and so I had to beat it myself. :-} I'd been using mouse move and expert aim, and this level pretty much is impossible that way, but with a bit of luck, it's possible with mouse aim and keyboard move. Look for the "This one's for you, swartzer" topic in the players discussion area in the forums for Redsatori's video of how he did it!

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